What is Item Support?

Managing buyer support requests can be quite a task for those of us who have a large number of buyers. To maintain a sustainable marketplace, we have defined what is and is not included in supported items from Temabanua. This helps us spend more time doing what we do best — creating great new items and keeping existing items up-to-date.

Read the item documentation first

Many support questions and technical questions are answered in support documentation such as FAQs and comments from previous buyers. We also ensure that all items sold on Temabanua have documentation included, so always check the included information and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, consider whether we might be able to help.

What is included in item support

Item support period

Supported items include item support from the beginning of the purchase date. During such purchases, We are available to provide the item support services we have specified on this page. Our response times may vary depending on the number of inquiries, the nature of the request, and whether the inquiry has been answered or support provided (see 'fair use' later).

If you are going to purchase an item, you will have the option to purchase customized item support, For the price of customized support costs will look different per request.

Answers questions about how to use items

During the item's support period, We are available to answer your general questions about the item and how to use it. For example, how do I make my blog look like the one in the preview? Responses to these types of questions can come in a variety of formats including directing you to documented responses (e.g. in comments or FAQs).

Answer technical questions about our items.

During the item support period, We are available to:

  1. Answers your specific questions about item features and functionality

  2. Provides some guidance on how to install items

  3. Helps you with problems related to using items and getting maximum value from their functionality.

  4. Answer questions about third party functionality (e.g. widgets from other parties), such as how they work and other technical questions.

Help with defects in items

During the item support period, you can report and discuss minor item bugs and defects with us, and we are willing to help you with reported bugs. If it's not too fatal, we can issue a bug fix directly to you as part of item support. (If we decide to address bug fixes via a new version update, that update will be available to all buyers.)

Item updates to be better

We will always try to update every product, but this all takes quite a long time. You can't ask us to speed up our work to update every item in Temabanua. Notification of item updates will be announced to each buyer's email only and does not include free users.

What is not included in item support

Support items do not cover services.

  • Template customization
  • Installation of templates
  • Server or software
  • Template fee refund

What is included in all item purchases

Update to ensure items work as described All items in Temabanua should work as described (in preview, screenshots, item description, etc).

If there is something wrong with the item and you are hoping for an update; depending on the type of update, it may take several days/weeks to properly fix, test, review and release.