What is Reguler License?

Reguler License

  • The Regular License grants you, as the purchaser, a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the digital work (Template) you select.

  • You are licensed to use the Items to create one Final Product for yourself and the Final Product may be distributed for Free.

  • The Final Product is one of the following, requiring the application of your own skills.

    • For Items that are templates, the Final Product is a customized implementation of the Item.

      For example, the item is a portfolio template and the final product is a company profile website.
    • For other types of Goods, the Final Product is a work that combines the Goods and other objects, so that the scope is larger and the nature is different from the Goods.

Things you can do with this License

  • You can create a Final Product for a client, and this license is then transferred from you to your client.

  • You may make any number of copies of a single Final Product, as long as the Final Product is distributed for Free and not for sale.

  • You can modify or manipulate the template. You can combine the Template with other works and create derivative works from them. The resulting work is subject to the terms of this license. You can do these things as long as the End Product you create is a permitted product.

    For example: You can license a website, manipulate it, and add your own elements to create illustrations that are used as website displays.

Things you cannot do with this License

  • You cannot Sell the Final Product, except to one client. (If you or your client wish to Sell the Final Product, you will need an Extended License.)

  • You cannot redistribute templates as stock, or with source files. You cannot do this with Items alone or in combination with other items, and even if you modify the Item. You may not redistribute or make available the Items as is or with superficial modifications.

    For example: You cannot license a number of template files, and distribute/resell them as a package of template files.
  • While you can modify templates and remove components before creating a single Final Product, you cannot extract and use a single Item component on its own.

    For example: You license a website theme that contains images. You can remove unwanted images from the theme. However you cannot extract images for use outside the theme.
  • You may not allow end users of the Products to extract the Items and use them separately from the End Products and resell them.

  • You may not use the Template in a logo, trademark, or service mark.

License Requirements

  • For some items, the GNU General Public License (GPL) or other open source license applies. Open source licenses apply in the following way:

    • Some Items, even if created entirely by the author, may be partially subject to an open source license: a 'separate license' applies. This means that the open source license applies to the limits determined by the terms of the open source license and the nature of the Item, and this license applies to other Items.

    • For some Items, we may choose to apply the GPL license to the entire Item. This means that the relevant GPL license will apply to the entire Item, not this license.

  • This license is an Item in Temabanua and you. Temabanua is a party in determining this license.